Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What Kind of Friend Are You? What Do You Value?

Usually, I don't worry about an unlikely friendship. I just work on myself and loving others where they are. Knowing that in the right relationships all is well cared for and friendship could never be in the wrong hands.
Now of course I am like a donkey, that's an aside for some. Experience always tells me I am righteous, you know like the surfers used to say. Righteous man! Like in the movies. You can come to this place as you learn that being superficial is useless propaganda to prop yourself up. Get It!
But remember one thing Grandma always said,"You can never prop up a lie!" "And you can never bury it. It just keeps coming at you. Then one lie leads to another and another until finally your perceptions are so seared you don't have truth left in you." No single person is worth starting from scratch. Now a lie in the wrong hands is very dangerous indeed. Lies have cost people homes, wives, just about everything you can think of...even wars. Most basic even friendships. For me not because of the lie cause it was probably true. I don't want to take up my valuable time on anyone who does not realize how valuable time is.
Usually, that friendship wasn't worth having in the first place that's superficial gain. But if a person is so shallow that they believe a lie or think a perception about you or themselves that is so far out there they just plain need help they really are in the wrong hands. Most people like that are very very alone.
To be a friend takes effort, it's like a marriage. Whatever you put into one is what you will get back. Put love, consideration, and service to others you will always have lots of friends. Certainly you must hold water at all costs. What does that mean. Well friends tend to reveal some things to friends that they would normally keep to themselves. Once in awhile you just want to vent. A friend can listen without ever letting a story leave their lips at all. Ahhh! Some you say that's impossible.
All things are possible. Just hold onto that tale and guess what you are friends for life. There is a difference thought though among righteous friends. Nothing matters, regardless of what is said and what people have done in their prior existence as long as we treat each other in love, consideration and service that's all I expect. Anything else is icing on the cake.

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