Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Materners Mourn With Tears

Prerogatives unworthily bridging the gap
Supremacy destitute dangerous pretense
Reminiscently violent indiscretions

Murderous plagues torment spread
Beyond neglecting dangerous pretense
Floods the nations and earth with tears

Knowledge experience underserved
Love compassion undreamed let go
Understanding empathy emptied

Dying character becomes frozen
Dangerous pretense murderous innocence
Floods the nations and earth with tears

Silence murdering chaining innocent souls
Freedom and love passé undeserving opportunity
Corruption restraining soul’s symptomatic death

Murderous torment spreads mourning
Beyond dangerous pretense supremacy brings
Occurrent worldwide mourning from intolerance
Materners muttering unrestrained crimes

Matinee Muse Week 10 prompt

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