Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mary Rose From 'Solvent'

Mary Rose has been found!
King Henry VIII
Sunken warship built in 1545.
Wreck found in Solent sound.
King Henry VIII, his connive

Tudor prize, rose from deep, 1982.
Surprise, can she be revived!
Hull rose to the surface on cue!
19,000 artifacts have survived!

Master Carpenters Cabin, sight to behold!
Hammers, ruler, caulking, planes, file.
Millionaire fortune seemingly two-fold.
Conservators take decades to compile.

Mary Rose above water 1082
Ink pots of cow horn, nibs covered in ink, too
Cannons, cannon balls in many a barrel.
Seaman’s chests, intact for Mary Rose to,
sail a 3 inch wooden ball, a ‘parrel’.

Tool holders, wet stones, all foretell so.
Acquainted with you, we know a sure bet.
Well kept, is what we grasp, all this was below,
Box wood comb, razor, mirror, manicure set.

80 boxwood combs were recovered.
Aboard the Mary Rose, a clean crew.
Even your dog, a ratter, uncovered,
On whole ship, only one rat. A clue, 

Hatch, is the name for him. He was a good
Ratter dog, trapped in the hatchway!
Ship, cargo, ratter, and one rat!  All stood!
Preserved, conservation is underway!

Sharon Rose Thomas ©2011

Mary Rose: Tudor Warship in United Kingdom built between 1509 and 1511 sank accidently of Portsmouth harbor in 1545. She is now on display.  The Mary Rose was raised 10/11/1982. They are sealing the ship in special coating to conserve her for the future. They expect to display the hull of this ship in mid 2012. The 15th century ship is located in Portsmouth, England. Even Prince Charles was diving to assist in the dives and was President of The Mary Rose Trust in 1979. It has taken many years to salvage this ship and more dives are expected in the future to retrieve her bow. Most of this ship was buried in thick clay, which assisted in her preservation. http://www.maryrose.org/index.html for museum information.
Solent: Battle of the Solent in 1545.
Tudor: name for 15th century era.