Friday, August 29, 2014

Not There

we are very good friends and she is not there         
not any time soon she has in actual fact care            
not wanting to go there your edges to rough     
rough heart has to be more than close so rare      
dearheart is still haunting in her e’er actions
someday soon she may learn some reactions
pas sions a wake for her with one as urbane
urbane haunt still lives in her like damn bastions
your speech, your hobby, foreign as can be
lexes cut the heart of One Dearheart can see
twists an ache in her chambers of the mind
mind chasm she will not to cross cause no glee
this time she knows the future dearheart alter’
more chasms will again propel a mind into falter
falter no longer here in route to her new future
her hope to have both Rocks of Gibraltar