Thursday, September 29, 2011

Risen From Breach Inlet

H L Hunley risen from the grave!
H L Hunley Recovery in 2000
You are the first one forever,
layered in rust, silt and sand
shells and sediment preserving.
Entombed in you a missing  crew, more

than hundred years you kept your secrets!
First ever to sink a ship, in wartime
‘USS Housatonic’ was her name, with
five of her crew and nine of your own!
To a peaceful rest, full Confederate honor.

rests the nine, tens of thousands in audience
safe in Magnolia Cemetery are all crews. 
Thrice you sank, even your creator!
Still your mission, now complete, your
Conservatory in Charleston, H L Hunley,

national treasure, risen from the grave!
her contents for all to share, Breach Inlet
Sullivan’s Island are all still there.
Queenie’s golden ‘life preserver’ found!
A true life legend, love charm is sound.


Naval History and Heritage  command
Photos from US Navy Public Domain