Friday, August 29, 2014

Not There

we are very good friends and she is not there         
not any time soon she has in actual fact care            
not wanting to go there your edges to rough     
rough heart has to be more than close so rare      
dearheart is still haunting in her e’er actions
someday soon she may learn some reactions
pas sions a wake for her with one as urbane
urbane haunt still lives in her like damn bastions
your speech, your hobby, foreign as can be
lexes cut the heart of One Dearheart can see
twists an ache in her chambers of the mind
mind chasm she will not to cross cause no glee
this time she knows the future dearheart alter’
more chasms will again propel a mind into falter
falter no longer here in route to her new future
her hope to have both Rocks of Gibraltar  

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Feeble Change

Erase, her very feeble attempt
forcing idealist into change
in lace, she knows His contempt
culture shocks, abound preempt
corpses largest organ in mange
her dearheart, marches unkempt
forcing idealist into change

Friday, February 21, 2014

I Let You In...Freely

I let you in freely, now regrets.
Never can I be free, how can I?
Told you some of my secrets.

Secrets, even when you die.
Secrets not for you to share.
Even when you wear a//tie.

Seemingly emotionless, stare.
Constantly complain in tercets.
Say something like you care.

Loving you against all bets.
I let you in my love&soulmate.
Feeling forever in your debts.

I let you in my soul, // mate.
Never can I be free, // can I?
Loving me too much on a plate?

Cannot live if life with you a lie.
Two of us can have the whole pie.

Say something like you care.
Just a game: Was I to play.
Resisting break yes I dare.

Love can reign thru us this day.
Just be in love, let them stare.
Regrets; they have let love decay.

In their decay, let’s not be that pair.
Live together until death do us part.
Caring what others think, sad, beware.

Get realigned, scoop me for a restart.
Loving you from afar will be my demise.
Time to get to know all of us, be smart.

Great looking I am when lots of exercise.
Really quite a ‘free’, very full of surprise.

You pulled away before winning the prize.
Need for you to be true, resist your mood.
Stop worrying about our every little size.

Many times you sat in a strange brood.
Lover o lover a fierce ‘free’ you could be.
You could call the break over, yes you could.

Swallow your pride and love again for all to see.
So, none of them are perfect, that is reality.
Love me in the mountains and by the sea.

Everyday apart; we will begin, all over with me.
Just want to be near, I am in love with thee.
Crazy over the top the sight of you causes glee!

Where are you? Look for you? No more me.
Loving you see, oh see just us, be all we can be?

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sway Them, Statin Them

Unforeseen circumstances;
arrogances of thought; or
Whatever you want?
Or so it seems, not really.

Realities unforgiveable.
Oh, it is biblical. Unknowing
muses we are. Them cannot be,
there are too many of them.

Who are them? They are believers,
non-believers, they are wrong.
No one can fit into the box.
No two people are the same.

At this point I see no difference.
Because there is none. All are sicker
than you. Sick with control and
cruelty. Your best happiness not

a concern. Moving you back into
an underlying current of sadness.
Moving away from people, even
certain family members are them.

Your legs will go first, alas over
Time bionics will be your choice.
Freedom and independence will
depart. Oh, it is good for your heart.

Preserve your brain them say.
So lets’ exaggerate, run, and so
be gone. Next please, exsanguinating
emotionally; life not worth the crimson.

Coursing, entering innocently one way.
Planning courses, blaspheming promises
of better lives. Ogre’s and them
overseers of the flocks. Them a well

hated ‘Word’.  Just like in Joshua
arise now by a billion to
restrain birth, as a plague of
eunuchs now rise. Thirty percent

being the largest research and
mass ‘statin’ scripting
since its deceptions, only
crippling them vulnerable in

mass. Sanguinating the hydration
of life from the body of the
masses with panic and now;
‘prevention’ as the mantra!

Programmed assumptions
as sway them works for
them in position to literally
become ‘trillion-aires’ and

more; they are overcome
with the curse of Achan,
(like in Joshua), the select will be
Stricken’. Hegemony ensues as

them are in rolling chariots,
bending divans are left
unescorted in them ‘skilled
places’. Alas, it is best

for them. Menaces are worth
the stakes; a big lie taught
them in the very first year.
Arrogantly taught; them knows

best? No offers of new and
improved; from them. Them
are distracted by a new green
world. Them Jetsons truly a myth.

Splitting atoms? Really? Them
times are for fools, seekers
must ignore them as go forth!
Cure the ‘statin’ myths, quench

An underlying torture of them
elders, cease wisdom, for a
green world. Them sacrifices
are only collateral harm.

Not a bad drug, them pills
Of course not, them can script
For the heart reparations, a
New and improved knee,

bionic even. Oh, do not worry
them are all well over forty,
them have lived a good life. Too
old to worry them; them a eunuch.

Them have a pill for that too. When
Crimson courses too quickly, from
that little blue pill, them got
pills for that too. Just travel, have

fun? Them will work for them too.
Carry them shoeboxes full of travel
size bottles. Them know what is best
for the them all. Don’t worry. Be happy!

Just pop another pill. Them ones will
Make them smile. Them are fine, seer?   

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Well Well Well Cool ...Kiss!

Your goodbye kiss was...
     overwhelming just as the first;
     feeling it throughout my whole body
      the last kiss of love, passion, desire, and care.
     never happened before! Now I see, blindly
      wish we never met, so glad to really know; love.
        Thankful, for your short lived love and generosity.
    shall it ever happen again... no
     I know I had a few boyfriends and
      married several, I did not know... real love.
    now I do, and love is, overwhelming,
     painful as making you aware of a time wasted;
      the coldness, withdrawal of love and
    understanding me, seeing I embarrass you.
     letting you be you, changing me into another
      empty superficial shell, what was I thinking
        f     love,
   just like God's kiss hello, overwhelming my
    entire being, to where I could no longer stand,
     down to the floor, just as I am, even now He
   all the way to the floor; symbolically fetal again.
    Loving you as I love Him since we met so many years
     ago. How can I possibly rise again, now that I have known you
       o    so;
   intimately, as He let me experience you fully.
    Spiritually good, caring, loving, generous, laughing,
     bright eyes, vibrant, adventurous, the side in the light.
   superficial you, dark, deliberately uncaring, drowning your pain.
    Slovenly, frightened, injured, judge my mental, fearful of what some
     might say if they knew her condition, the stigma, embarrassment.
   may as well be the plague. Emotionally you left me. To prove
    to others how normal she can be. Too embarrassed; to let me be me.
     That broke me, you should have to fix me. Broken, living alone. A-
   where no one can come. Only Him, see how sick she is, poor thing.
    I did not know. Of course not, you know not love. How sad for me,
     pathetic, down, hear undesirable, you have gained weight, even more
   are unpublished, not real artist, not in a gallery, not normal, dysfunctional kids
    family is a mess. At least, you now call yours, more. Glad you are moving on...
     you will settle for some semblance of normal, I still thank God everyday for I
           t                   y      o    u,
   just knowing the side of you who lives in the light was worth the pain.
    at least I know, how men really are. Love is, not really in them beyond God
     pets things reputations and the need for status in a superficial society. Since
    can not be uS. Seeing your lack of understanding, knowing your unknowing
     need for entertainment is sad. Losing moments of real love. Sad for me, you do
      not know a stunning poet you murder. You never read somehow; never 
     you never got it. All the dualities and elegies, about you our love stirs. I am
     thankful for all adventures, ungrateful for the break, this lost summer, trips I
       planned for us to take. Wasted passport, paying money for rent. Wasted love
   your normal thinking. Normal to run, to decide not to love. Not to grow, love more
    more travels, adventures. Just stop and find someone new. Overtly and covertly,
     I knew, became allergic to you. Stop your worry, poor thing, will stop bothering you.
   you go mate, run, run, run. You know how to turn us on and off. The first and last kiss;
    overwhelming just as the first, feeling it through my whole body the last kiss
     of love, passion, desire, and care. Hurting to know, you turn it on and off. Go;
    purpose you love, hurt and run. I always knew, that real love would hurt.
      stunning poet, still loves true, Dearheart and her dearheart. All your wives.
        Same pain, forgiving like Him, apparently on break. Whatever that is?
      f                                        you want to?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mary Rose From 'Solvent'

Mary Rose has been found!
King Henry VIII
Sunken warship built in 1545.
Wreck found in Solent sound.
King Henry VIII, his connive

Tudor prize, rose from deep, 1982.
Surprise, can she be revived!
Hull rose to the surface on cue!
19,000 artifacts have survived!

Master Carpenters Cabin, sight to behold!
Hammers, ruler, caulking, planes, file.
Millionaire fortune seemingly two-fold.
Conservators take decades to compile.

Mary Rose above water 1082
Ink pots of cow horn, nibs covered in ink, too
Cannons, cannon balls in many a barrel.
Seaman’s chests, intact for Mary Rose to,
sail a 3 inch wooden ball, a ‘parrel’.

Tool holders, wet stones, all foretell so.
Acquainted with you, we know a sure bet.
Well kept, is what we grasp, all this was below,
Box wood comb, razor, mirror, manicure set.

80 boxwood combs were recovered.
Aboard the Mary Rose, a clean crew.
Even your dog, a ratter, uncovered,
On whole ship, only one rat. A clue, 

Hatch, is the name for him. He was a good
Ratter dog, trapped in the hatchway!
Ship, cargo, ratter, and one rat!  All stood!
Preserved, conservation is underway!

Sharon Rose Thomas ©2011

Mary Rose: Tudor Warship in United Kingdom built between 1509 and 1511 sank accidently of Portsmouth harbor in 1545. She is now on display.  The Mary Rose was raised 10/11/1982. They are sealing the ship in special coating to conserve her for the future. They expect to display the hull of this ship in mid 2012. The 15th century ship is located in Portsmouth, England. Even Prince Charles was diving to assist in the dives and was President of The Mary Rose Trust in 1979. It has taken many years to salvage this ship and more dives are expected in the future to retrieve her bow. Most of this ship was buried in thick clay, which assisted in her preservation. for museum information.
Solent: Battle of the Solent in 1545.
Tudor: name for 15th century era.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Risen From Breach Inlet

H L Hunley risen from the grave!
H L Hunley Recovery in 2000
You are the first one forever,
layered in rust, silt and sand
shells and sediment preserving.
Entombed in you a missing  crew, more

than hundred years you kept your secrets!
First ever to sink a ship, in wartime
‘USS Housatonic’ was her name, with
five of her crew and nine of your own!
To a peaceful rest, full Confederate honor.

rests the nine, tens of thousands in audience
safe in Magnolia Cemetery are all crews. 
Thrice you sank, even your creator!
Still your mission, now complete, your
Conservatory in Charleston, H L Hunley,

national treasure, risen from the grave!
her contents for all to share, Breach Inlet
Sullivan’s Island are all still there.
Queenie’s golden ‘life preserver’ found!
A true life legend, love charm is sound.


Naval History and Heritage  command
Photos from US Navy Public Domain


Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Empty Places

Places no one can fill,
Nothing anyone can say,
Your places, will always be,
Still and quiet, as you see,
Doctors have no pill,
One call of the day,
Our daily time for tea,
No voice now, oh gee,
Living just makes for nil,
Still nothing to play,
Quiet now no glee,
Yours places are even still,
Your places will always be,
The Empty Places.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Beauty of the Poorest Country

Like many poor in back streets they beg.
Honorably some indeed borrow.
In the countryside a child steals an egg.
The speed of life is extraordinarily slow.

Life in this sundered culture.
Island after island each one with different tones.
Expectations rise with each departure.
In lieu of drawing simple stones.

A camera he shouldered an art enthusiast.
Only one question in this fertile place.
Each island seems so vast.
Can nature keep this pace?

This is a place that bears dreams.
The brunt of creation almost elite.
Only one speck of beauty as this water streams.
One country complete with all lituite.

In the days before Hercules with strength of bulls and mules.
On islands so fertile and green they hunt and gather and glean..
Celebrations are many including Three Kings gifts and yules..
Parades include two small floats only one pulled by machine.

Lands of color and bounty like silk ribbon and linen bolt,
Music and markets in the open air.
Strolling through the land and shops gives senses a jolt.
With great zeal and happiness their environs we share.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The River Speaks

That inner voice of the river speaks,
Waves and waves that peak,
Onward and upward the water rises,
Leaving on it banks many prizes.

Many large trees and huge muddy streaks,
Oaks, maples, pines and even a teak,
Downward and lower the water sensationalizes,
Washing away many surprises.

The sounds soft and in shrieks,
Unsound waves havoc is reek,
Solace is often where He advises,
During the calms and chastise's.

That inner voice of the river speaks,
Quiet pools, waterfalls and creeks,
Listening, peace the inner voice comprises,
Sound thinking the river advises.