Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sway Them, Statin Them

Unforeseen circumstances;
arrogances of thought; or
Whatever you want?
Or so it seems, not really.

Realities unforgiveable.
Oh, it is biblical. Unknowing
muses we are. Them cannot be,
there are too many of them.

Who are them? They are believers,
non-believers, they are wrong.
No one can fit into the box.
No two people are the same.

At this point I see no difference.
Because there is none. All are sicker
than you. Sick with control and
cruelty. Your best happiness not

a concern. Moving you back into
an underlying current of sadness.
Moving away from people, even
certain family members are them.

Your legs will go first, alas over
Time bionics will be your choice.
Freedom and independence will
depart. Oh, it is good for your heart.

Preserve your brain them say.
So lets’ exaggerate, run, and so
be gone. Next please, exsanguinating
emotionally; life not worth the crimson.

Coursing, entering innocently one way.
Planning courses, blaspheming promises
of better lives. Ogre’s and them
overseers of the flocks. Them a well

hated ‘Word’.  Just like in Joshua
arise now by a billion to
restrain birth, as a plague of
eunuchs now rise. Thirty percent

being the largest research and
mass ‘statin’ scripting
since its deceptions, only
crippling them vulnerable in

mass. Sanguinating the hydration
of life from the body of the
masses with panic and now;
‘prevention’ as the mantra!

Programmed assumptions
as sway them works for
them in position to literally
become ‘trillion-aires’ and

more; they are overcome
with the curse of Achan,
(like in Joshua), the select will be
Stricken’. Hegemony ensues as

them are in rolling chariots,
bending divans are left
unescorted in them ‘skilled
places’. Alas, it is best

for them. Menaces are worth
the stakes; a big lie taught
them in the very first year.
Arrogantly taught; them knows

best? No offers of new and
improved; from them. Them
are distracted by a new green
world. Them Jetsons truly a myth.

Splitting atoms? Really? Them
times are for fools, seekers
must ignore them as go forth!
Cure the ‘statin’ myths, quench

An underlying torture of them
elders, cease wisdom, for a
green world. Them sacrifices
are only collateral harm.

Not a bad drug, them pills
Of course not, them can script
For the heart reparations, a
New and improved knee,

bionic even. Oh, do not worry
them are all well over forty,
them have lived a good life. Too
old to worry them; them a eunuch.

Them have a pill for that too. When
Crimson courses too quickly, from
that little blue pill, them got
pills for that too. Just travel, have

fun? Them will work for them too.
Carry them shoeboxes full of travel
size bottles. Them know what is best
for the them all. Don’t worry. Be happy!

Just pop another pill. Them ones will
Make them smile. Them are fine, seer?