Sunday, July 19, 2009

The River Speaks

That inner voice of the river speaks,
Waves and waves that peak,
Onward and upward the water rises,
Leaving on it banks many prizes.

Many large trees and huge muddy streaks,
Oaks, maples, pines and even a teak,
Downward and lower the water sensationalizes,
Washing away many surprises.

The sounds soft and in shrieks,
Unsound waves havoc is reek,
Solace is often where He advises,
During the calms and chastise's.

That inner voice of the river speaks,
Quiet pools, waterfalls and creeks,
Listening, peace the inner voice comprises,
Sound thinking the river advises.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Flowing Blindfold

Just like the tides,
Ebb and flow,
High and low,
Stormy and calm,
Through life we whined,
Flowing in and out.

Just like the skies,
Headwinds, high and below,
Culminate and billow,
Throwing the palm.
In the dark some pined,
Spinning a waterspout.

The light suddenly signs!
A scarf in wind a blow,
Clouds become slow.
Soothing, as balm.
Live in light entwined,
Growing new palms sprout.