Friday, February 21, 2014

I Let You In...Freely

I let you in freely, now regrets.
Never can I be free, how can I?
Told you some of my secrets.

Secrets, even when you die.
Secrets not for you to share.
Even when you wear a//tie.

Seemingly emotionless, stare.
Constantly complain in tercets.
Say something like you care.

Loving you against all bets.
I let you in my love&soulmate.
Feeling forever in your debts.

I let you in my soul, // mate.
Never can I be free, // can I?
Loving me too much on a plate?

Cannot live if life with you a lie.
Two of us can have the whole pie.

Say something like you care.
Just a game: Was I to play.
Resisting break yes I dare.

Love can reign thru us this day.
Just be in love, let them stare.
Regrets; they have let love decay.

In their decay, let’s not be that pair.
Live together until death do us part.
Caring what others think, sad, beware.

Get realigned, scoop me for a restart.
Loving you from afar will be my demise.
Time to get to know all of us, be smart.

Great looking I am when lots of exercise.
Really quite a ‘free’, very full of surprise.

You pulled away before winning the prize.
Need for you to be true, resist your mood.
Stop worrying about our every little size.

Many times you sat in a strange brood.
Lover o lover a fierce ‘free’ you could be.
You could call the break over, yes you could.

Swallow your pride and love again for all to see.
So, none of them are perfect, that is reality.
Love me in the mountains and by the sea.

Everyday apart; we will begin, all over with me.
Just want to be near, I am in love with thee.
Crazy over the top the sight of you causes glee!

Where are you? Look for you? No more me.
Loving you see, oh see just us, be all we can be?

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